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by Frank Thomas
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SharpSocial scans your users comments on Facebook & YouTube (instagram & twitter on OTO1) and tells you which comments are negative, positive or neutral and also shows their emotions such as happiness, sadness, confusion etc. There is no other app that does this. Based on users comment, you can send them a custom private message on FB or comment reply or even delete negative posts.

Using SharpSocial, you can easily monetize your user comments. Turn comments into cash

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    • Use SharpSocial to get more traffic, more engagement, build a list and get direct sales from users engaging on FB and YouTube.
    • SharpSocial does sentiments and emotional analysis of your users comments. Using this data, you can for example:
    • Send a discount coupon to someonewho’s confused.
    • Ask for share & referrals from someonewho’s happy.
    • Send support details to someone who’sconfused
    • and so much more.

SharpSocial is the only app that uses IBM Watsons machine learning and artificial intelligence tech.

It’s really easy to use and 100% newbie friends. Simply connect your FB and YouTube account, it automatically scans and displays you data about sentiments and emotions. Then you can take actions of those comments individually or collectively.

Using SharpSocial, you can send highly engaging private messages,public comment reply and delete the comments.

You can either send message/comment/delete an individual comment or user or you can do it in mass.

Watch the Video Review Here:

Why is SharpSocial better Than Other Apps?

1. SharpSocial uses sentimental andemotional analysis using machine learning based on IBMs tech. Thereis no other app out there that doesthat. This is HUGE!

2. Using SharpSocial you can actually see how many of your customers are happy and how many are hurting your brand.

3. All other apps simply let you private message the SAME CANNED REPLY to everyone on your fan page.BUT with SharpSocial you can send unique responses via PM or comment to angry,happy or confused customers. This way you’re actually solving their problems and genuinely reaching out to them.

4. All other FB apps either let you message instantly when someone comments or only let you message when someone messages you. WITH SharpSocial, you can reach out to everyone on your FB & on your YouTube channel.

5. SharpSocial is for FB and YouTube.Instagram and Twitter as well in OTO1.All other apps are only Facebook.

6. You can not only respond to your customers based on their emotions and sentiments but also delete their comments instantly if you want.

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