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by Michael Bowes
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I'm sure your mailboxes are getting lit up like the 4th of July with emails promoting VideoPal, the new product by Todd Gross and Paul Ponna. I have been a beta tester for over a month with this amazing tool and I have to say that this might just be on the most unique video tools of 2017.

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This is a great tool for any niche, you can use the awesome 2D & 3D characters to speak for you with their groundbreaking text to speech technology that translates your written text to over 12 different languages with the correct pronunciation and accent based on the locality you are targeting.

There is NOTHING out on the market like this and I suspect that no one will come close to beating out this tool for years to come. You can also do awesome green screen recordings and have these 'walk-in' to your site or lead pages. That means, you can hire anyone from fiverr to do a great green screen and then use that video to blow your sales out of the water!

The opportunities are endless!

MY BONUS: I've put together a great bonus video JUST FOR YOU. In this video I will show you how to write good scripts that sound professional so you can sell, sell, sell. =) I have been using this tool over a month and have been part of their beta program with only 8 other beta testers. There are a ton of marketers out promoting this, but none of them were in the beta program, meaning that they don't have the hands on experience working with this tool.

Once you grab this awesome deal, send in a support ticket to: and I'll send you my special bonus video where I will show you how to write scripts with the right pronunciation to make them sound correct with the computer generated text to speech app, making your scripts sound as humanly possible as you can get it. =)

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