Social Sales System

by Michael Bowes
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Force Facebook to Generate Non Stop Leads For Your Business!

When I first started in internet marketing I remember buying course after course on how to generate leads.  The marketers always showed amazing results.. but what they failed to deliver on was how they set up the capture system, how they received the leads, what they did when they got them, how, how, how...  It took me years.. no kidding, years to finally find my footing with advertising on the major social platforms.

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Last month Robert Philips and Craig Crawford reached out to me and asked if I would beta test their new Facebook advertising platform.  To be honest with you.. I was a little incredulous, because I have seen so many 'tools, books, courses, etc', that I thought "Oh great.. here we go again.. another one".  

Well.. that thought was quickly put where it belonged and that was at the bottom of the pile of self doubt.

They thought of everything when they put this web based tool together.  It connects you to all the right services, starting first with the email list providers, then connects to Facebook, after that it connects you to a lead CRM and then finally to stripe payments.  Once that is done, you are then provided with a walk-through on everything that pertains to getting your campaigns live.

If you do any time of lead gen, marketing, local lead acquisition, or internet/video marketing, this system will work wonders for you.

Check Out Social Sales System Here!

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