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by Frank Thomas
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One of my number one expenses when creating syndication videos for myself or other clients is the cost of getting the videos created! It's not unusual to pay up to $200 for a 30 second spot and I've still got a lot of post editing after the fact. 

Now this is why I'm pretty excited about Todd's and Matt's latest product EV Review Videos!

Click Here to Check Out EZ Review Videos

EZ Review Videos give you a ton of flexibility and you are not limited out of the gate, if you decide just to purchase the front end product. I did a quick count and I believe you get close to 80 templates to use and if you decide on the upgrade packages, you get a boat load more! 

Here are some of it's other features:

  • You can change the text in the videos
  • You can lay in your video into the review or local biz video
  • You can add your own custom backgrounds, videos, colors, etc!
  • It's truly super easy to use - and no post editing if you don't want too!
  • You can literally generate a video for yourself or a client in a matter of minutes.

This is really a nice pack that Todd and matt have put together for creating general business marketing or local business lead generation videos.

The FE is $27, the OTO1 is $47, the OTO2 is $27 and the final OTO is $47. All in all, less than $200 - what you'd pay for one custom made video!

Click Here to Pickup EZ Review Videos at the Special Launch Price!

Once you purchase, you will also receive 22 brand new backgrounds that you can use in your EZ Review Videos, absolutely free when you purchase!

Here's the test video I created in the demo above:

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